Aupe Local 41 Collective Agreement

Their bargaining team met with the employer on February 25 and 26 to begin negotiations for a new collective agreement. Where issues of mutual interest concern workers from other ancillary agreements, a joint committee will be the round table, with the workers representing the relevant subsidiary contracts. Subject to company requirements, staff may be required to work in teams. A single staff member is not required to work a shared class without the employee`s consent. Do you want to ask for a break or something? Browse a list of web forms specific to your local user. Non-committee representatives may make presentations at meetings with the agreement of the co-chairs and a written submission is proposed to the co-chairs prior to the meeting. The topics to be discussed have already been put on the agenda. Are you looking for your collective agreement or the last minutes of the meeting? Browse the list of downloadable documents. Jason Rattray, Lead Negotiator — j.rattray@aupe.orgChris Dickson, negotiator — c.dickson@aupe.orgFarid Iskandar, organizer — f.iskandar@aupe.orgKate Jacobson, organizer — k.jacobson@aupe.orgAlexander Delorme, Communication — All recommendations or amendments must be approved by the majority of Committee members and, if accepted by the employer and the Union, they must be implemented in a common agreement.

This re-opening of wages should not be construed as an «opening of the agreement» to negotiations on other issues by any of the parties. The Committee will monitor Michener Services` efforts to ensure that workers re-qualified under collective agreements have advance access to vacant or new positions for which they are qualified under the collective agreement. Update your contact information for so you never miss a negotiation update or other union news. The contracting parties will enter into negotiations on 15 January 2019 with a view to reaching an agreement on the wage borrowing system. Local 043Judy Fader — local4308@gmail.comMarylou Savic (A) — An agenda will be prepared and distributed fifteen (15) days before the meeting. Other opinions and justifications may be put on the agenda in agreement with the two co-chairs. The final agenda is agreed by the co-chairs. . The parties agreed to establish a joint committee for worker relations to examine issues of common interest concerning workers covered by The Christmas party #009, health and therapies, as well as institutional assistance and patient support services. The committee is chaired by either a candidate from the participating Aboriginal people or a representative of the management. The members of this committee are appointed within 30 calendar days of the signing of the new #009.

Hourly rates (up to 2 decimals) are posted for information purposes, only one host secretary is provided by the designated co-chair. The minutes are approved and signed by the co-chairs and distributed to all members within one (1) week after each meeting. Note: Documents displayed with an icon require you to sign in with your AUPE member account to view it. The committee is composed of equal representation of the parties and is jointly chaired. The committee meets at least once a year or, if necessary. The salaries and expenses related to the work of the committee are the responsibility of the contracting parties concerned. To the extent that the company`s requirements permit, workers must be provided so that their rest days fall at least once every three (3) weeks, i.e. one Saturday and the following Sunday, unless otherwise agreed.

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