Service Agreement

These booking conditions and all the agreements to which they apply are governed by the laws of the country where the visit takes place mainly. We both accept that any disputes, claims or other issues that arise between us from or in relation to your contract or booking will only be dealt with by the courts of New Zealand or Australia. Yes, you can do it! As long as your airline authorizes name changes, you can resell your reservation to another passenger. You can check this list of airlines that allow name changes. If your company is on the list, it means it allows name changes and allows you to sell your flight. All airlines charge a name change fee for this service, you can see how much it will also cost you in this link. You may have to pay a change fee to Kiwi in addition to the flight fee. We will meet our consumer protection obligations. For third-party or independent service providers who make your reservation with us, we will endeavour to select these suppliers with appropriate expertise and diligence. Unless required by the Consumer Protection or Health and Safety Act, we are not responsible to you for the effective provision of services that third parties may provide and you acknowledge and accept that we have no control over services provided by third parties or independent providers. You are expected to learn about the risks associated with the visit yourself and to take part in the visit at your own risk.

What you may need to see from us before taking over our services — aka Evaluation and Acceptance We can all assume that you were on skyscanner looking for the best price and that you chose Kiwi because they were the cheapest. Then, if the price changed (probably because it wasn`t live) you decided to cancel. Unfortunately, after the purchase of these tickets, you have entered into a binding agreement with Kiwi and the airline, and you have committed not to limit yourself to the T-C airlines and all the additional T-Cs using Kiwi. Now you want someone to fix this for you. Skyscanner is also a search engine. He does not change (or anyone else) of himself. It gives you a number of options to choose from, and on each option, it clearly indicates to whom you would buy the ticket if you choose this specific option. These terms and conditions describe the rules and rules governing the use of Kiwoks Inc.`s website, which is located in The kiwi is a scam…

My wife just missed her connection to London, where she gave her two hours to pick up her pockets, go through customs and check in with another airline. The airline said check-in was closed 1 hour before departure. She was only alerted when she arrived at the counter and missed it by 4 minutes. Kiwi service line said she had 1:56 to make the finish link and that her policy gave her 1:45 min or more to do so. Nothing they can do. No change of booking or help in any way. After-sales service called as soon as the atS where it was too late to check in.

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