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Get a clear deal with predictable rates and real-time visibility on the allocation portal. Santos Silva also hoped that the agreement would be adopted at the organization`s next meeting, to be held in Luanda in 2020, «so that the presidency of Cabo Verde and the Portuguese executive secretariat are concluded in the best possible way.» (Macauhub) The draft legal agreement for this regime, presented in April by the Cape Verdean presidency of the CPLP, «has been dealt with at the technical level» and «the best prospect is for foreign ministers to be able to speak and confirm the work done». The future mobility programme in the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries (CPLP) will be limited by short-stay visas under the European Schengen Agreement, which excludes only Brazil and Timor-Leste, the Portuguese Foreign Minister said. However, the Minister pointed out that, for long-term stays, «for study, work or business purposes (…) the current provisions are national in nature and Portugal is available to follow the maximum free movement regime within the CPLP. Santos Silva discussed with MEPs the preparations for the next meeting of CPLP foreign ministers on 19 July in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, where the mobility agreement will be discussed, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa. The new allocation portal should make logistics easier for them at the end. The online platform gives you an overview of all your agreements with Maersk in real time 24 hours a day. It provides full visibility of the space available for your freight and the volume consumed by your current bookings. Your contract must be synchronized with your business and provide you with stable long-term rates without fluctuations. With the right contract, you can be sure to have the cargo hold you need if you need it. Minister Augusto Santos Silva told the Portuguese Parliament`s Committee on Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities that Portugal supports «maximum free movement» within the CPLP, but that it is limited by agreements such as the Schengen area of free movement within the European Union.

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