Session Agreement

This photo convention form allows your clients to book a session, sign the agreement and submit it online. You can provide your customers with a photo customer contract via this simple photo shoot contract. During a co-advisory meeting, the client is always responsible, while the advisor assists the client. The way the advisor does so is agreed in the meeting contract. The health photography contract form provides the client`s consent for meeting coverage, location, cost; provides the terms and conditions and requests the customer`s electronic signature. In case of bad weather, the photographer is free to cancel the planned photo shoot. The photographer will contact the client if necessary and the session will be postponed to another date. When a client decides to continue with the scheduled session and rain, etc., limits the time and/or images that could be taken, client understands that the photographer will provide all usable images and is not responsible for refunding the money. If the client requests that this contract be rescheduled or terminated 8 calendar days or more before the meeting date, the retention applies to a rescheduled date agreed upon by mutual agreement. Cancellation within 7 days or less of the scheduled meeting or non-notification at a scheduled meeting will result in the cancellation of the conservation portion. If the customer reserves a «miracle,» «A new life» or «Watch Me Grow» and deletes the mid-term plan, the full balance is due to regular prices for the services rendered and the products received. This photography contract allows photographers to sign their clients, before the start of the photo shoot, a contract that offers your clients the coverage of the photograph, payment terms and arrangements.

A $100 storage fee for the selected photo plan is due at the time of booking to book your session. Detention fees are not refundable. In case of payment, the photographer reserves the time agreed by both parties and the date. Prices are non-negotiable and are guaranteed only after payment from the holder. The photographer reserves the right to offer your meeting date to another client after 48 hours if your storage costs have not been fully paid. The balance is due before or at the scheduled meeting. Payment can be made by cash payment, electronic transfer and credit card via PayPal.

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