Social Security Agreement Switzerland China

China`s social security system includes five types of benefits and one housing fund. Staff do not contribute to all of these factors and rates vary by region, so the rates indicated are, by workstation, a certain percentage. The national system requires foreign workers to contribute, but in some regions other rules apply to foreigners. For example, Shanghai does not require expatriates to contribute to social security, and other cities can only require payment of certain insurance, such as medical insurance. 2 See «Expert Blog Social Insurance Agreement between Switzerland and China comes into effect» published by THE member company of KPMG International in Switzerland. If the country of origin does not have a social security contract with China, how can we avoid double payment for employers and workers? Each of the countries cited has social security agreements that are in force or are supposed to come into force. Their specific scope, including those they cover and what the benefits are, differs from one agreement to another. In addition, the extent to which they have been adopted and carried out may vary by site. For more information, please contact our specialists here: In addition, the help of an advisor is highly recommended.

If appropriate precautions are taken, these agreements can be beneficial for companies that employ foreign staff in China. The terms of a coverage certificate under the new agreement are similar to those of other social security agreements recently concluded by Switzerland. The maximum duration of a detachment is 72 months, with no extension possible. Spouses accompanying seconded workers are also covered by the recovery certificate issued for the active spouse. Employers hiring in China will find a fairly complex social security system, with many different contribution rates, that vary from city to city. Companies accustomed to a standard national contribution rate system may have difficulty adjusting to all the necessary calculations. This is then verified and a copy is recorded on Dem. After reviewing these documents and a possible subsequent review and certification, the employee concerned is exempt from the corresponding social security benefits.

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