What Is Gdansk Agreement

On August 31, Walesa and Deputy Prime Minister Mieczyslaw Jagielski signed an agreement that yielded to many workers` demands. Walesa signed the document with a huge ballpoint pen decorated with an image of the newly elected Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla, the former archbishop of Krakow). «We didn`t get everything we wanted. But we have what was possible in the current situation. And we`ll have the rest later,» Walesa said. The signing of the agreement took place «in the large conference room of the shipyard, decorated with a crucifix and bust of Lenin, under the rattle of lightning and the roar of television cameras of several countries,» AFP reported. Walesa signed the document with a pen in the image of the pope. On August 31, an AFP bulletin reported an «agreement between the authorities and the Gdansk strike committee,» Walesa said. Unthinkable a few weeks earlier, the Gdansk agreement followed two months of social unrest in the Central European country, triggered by a rise in meat prices in July. 15. Conformity of old-age pensions with what was actually paid.

Składanowski was present from the 15th until the signing of the agreements on the 31st during the strikes, which allowed the citizens to bring about democratic changes within the communist political structure and allowed the workers to officially form trade unions independent of the control of the Communist Party and tear apart a legal right to strike from them. Adam Warżawa/PAP On the occasion of the second anniversary of the agreement, on 31 August 1982, a massive wave of anti-government demonstrations took place throughout Poland. The regime responded with the police force; According to Solidarność, at least seven people were killed throughout Poland. 2. The government has agreed to recognize the right of workers to form independent trade unions and the right to strike. 13. Introduction of food vouchers for meat and meat products (during the period during which the market situation is brought under control). 12.

The selection of management staff on the basis of qualifications and not party membership. The privileges of the secret police, the regular police and the party apparatus must be eliminated by balancing family subsidies, abolishing special affairs, etc. 10. A complete supply of food for the domestic market, with exports limited to surpluses. Workers had in mind the bloody repression of the December 1970 strikes – the uprising at the Gdańsk shipyards had led to the overthrow of Communist Party leader Wladyslaw Gomulka. .

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